Consider every interaction with a search consultant or potential employer as part of an extended interview process. The consultant’s or employer’s assessment of corporate fit begins with the first phone call and carries through to formal interviews. Effective marketing of your skills and accomplishments is a critical talent in today’s competitive job market.


Preparation begins with a thorough self-assessment and continues through completion of the necessary research on the position, company, industry, and community.


Today, every recruitment or search process is expensive. Companies and organizations are trying to solve business problems by adding value through investing in excellent people. Prove that your talents, qualifications, and personality make you not just a good candidate, but an excellent investment for the company.


Demonstrating presentation and listening abilities is critical to success in every senior executive position. Clear, succinct, and meaningful responses and examples of success are essential in an interview.


The ability to understand and work cooperatively with people of all backgrounds and styles is essential in today’s complex work environment. Remember that your people skills are first demonstrated and assessed in interviews.


First impressions are significant, so make sure that you don’t eliminate yourself because of inappropriate dress attire. Interviews are not the place to express individuality.


Seize every opportunity in an interview to demonstrate strategic thinking, planning, and management abilities. Provide examples of applied vision and make sure you do not get drawn into narrow, detailed, technical descriptions – unless requested.


It is essential to show that you know and understand the entire business regardless of the specific executive position being discussed. Make sure that you show sensitivity to broad-based integrative activities that impact the bottom line.


Customer satisfaction is key in today’s public and private sectors regardless of whether you are serving internal staff or external customers. An executive’s attitude and behavior with regards to customer service will be assessed in an interview.


Make an effort to demonstrate a mature, balanced, engaging personality by showing family, volunteer, or community and professional involvement. Also, a sense of humour tastefully demonstrated can signal a commonsense, in-touch-with-reality style.

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