“At Davies Park, they help with the things that are important to us, they know what the market looks like, what compensation should look like, and they find the right candidates in the variable timeframe that works for our organization.”
~ Richard Masson, CEO of the Alberta Petroleum Marketing Commission

“We told them about the job, about our expectations, and the overall phenotype of the person we were looking for. They cast the net wider than we ever could. They asked the right questions and acted as supporting cast during the interview. They really got to know all the candidates, and that deepened their knowledge of the talent pool.”
~ Lorne Babiuk, VP of research at the University of Alberta

“Allan Nelson has led executive searches for us quite regularly over the past seven or eight years to find members of our executive team and other top positions. They know who will fit and they guarantee their searches, but it’s that element of the personal touch that really matters. The firm’s understanding of the skill requirements, personality, and corporate culture at FT Services make the candidates that Davies Park finds top-line.”
~ Andy Brooks, President and CEO at FT Services

“Mike Kerr and the others at Davies Park did a good job of representing both the job and the City of Calgary to me. They interpreted the scope and extent of the job clearly and were positive and fair to work with. They were very helpful, but they definitely represented their client. We connected with them, identified our needs and then I went back to work and didn’t have to think about it. They brought me in at the critical times in the process.”
~ Eric Sawyer, CFO for the City of Calgary

Davies Park