Our Philosophy

Assembling a group of individuals who are all passionate about search may seem like a difficult undertaking, but we are, after all, experts at finding people with rare skills. Because everything we do is focused on search, our philosophy might best be described in terms of the qualities we seek out in our own team members. Everyone at Davies Park is deeply committed to these guiding principles:

A Passion for Leadership

Each of us at Davies Park takes pleasure and pride in finding candidates on behalf of our clients who bring the right mix of experience, skills and demonstrated leadership. We do this by defining a narrow target for each search and applying an exhaustive procedure for finding precisely qualified candidates. Our edge is twofold: we are strategic and disciplined in cultivating a pool of talented candidates; and we make available all the senior resources at our disposal to ensure each search is thorough, thoughtful and complete. For us, every search matters.

Personal Commitment at a Senior Level

Davies Park's senior people remain available to our clients and candidates at every stage of the search cycle. We work closely with our clients to develop a detailed search plan, consulting with them often throughout the search process. To build confidence and trust, we are equally accessible to candidates, with whom we meet frequently for interviews or to provide advice.

Looking Out for our Clients, our Community and Each Other

People are at the heart of our work. Matching the right candidate with the appropriate opportunity can provide an organization with a renewed sense of purpose and improve job satisfaction for the employee – and the benefits ripple out from there. The same philosophy applies to our place in the community and our own professional relationships. Each of us is in a position to make a positive impact, whether by making a positive effort on behalf of our clients or by treating our colleagues with understanding and respect. Davies Park firmly believes our responsibilities as corporate citizens extend to the community at large, and each member of our team is dedicated to volunteer work to help those around us and to keep ourselves engaged in the community. Davies Park is proud to have a team dedicated to personal growth and the well-being of others.